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Close to Home


What are the Close to Home shops?
Close to Home celebrates our hometown pride and highlights local makers and merchandise that represent our local Bon-Ton regions. These in-store shops, open year-round, reflect assortments from each store’s local market and state to bring our customers a hometown shopping experience. Online at bonton.com/closetohome, customers can find an assortment of these products and shop by state.

Why are you launching an online local sourcing fair?
We are always looking for new makers, artisans and designers and unique products for our customers and community. Specifically, for the Close to Home shop we want makers who are local to where we do business, who have quality products and a great story to share about how they got started, their inspiration and connection to the community.

How many new vendors will be selected?
We do not have a set number. We will select as many new vendors as possible for our close to home shops to achieve a variety and balance of unique products.

How will vendors be selected?
Vendors will be reviewed based on geographical proximity to our stores, product category, product assortment, price point, uniqueness, quality as well as if the product is locally sourced or locally made.

Do I need to live in one of the states in which you do business?
Yes, all Close to Home vendors and makers must live within one of the 25 states where we operate a store. To see a full list of the Bon-Ton family of department stores click here.

Do I need to be currently selling my products?
No. Every business is unique and none is too small — we’re inviting all established local designers, artists and makers to apply online for consideration.

What do I need to complete my submission?
In the submission process we will ask you to fill out a series of questions about your business including verification on insurance, a W-9 and if your products are ticketed. We will ask you where you do business and to share a brief story about how you got started and the inspiration for your collection or item you are submitting. Lastly, we will ask you to upload details and photos of up to 5 products that best represent your products. It will help to have these materials ready and at hand when beginning the submission process.

How many of my products will you purchase?
The details of a potential buy of your products will be determined during the vendor review and follow-up process.

Should I start producing products now for this program?
No. Your submission in no way guarantees that we will buy your products.

Is there a way for me to follow-up on my submission?
If you have successfully completed your submission, you can expect to be notified with the status of your submission no later than Thursday, October 5. There is no need to follow-up prior to October 5.

What if I have a question during the submission process?
If you have questions about completing your submission, we have provided a question form here. Submit the form and a Bon-Ton representative will respond to your question to help you complete your submission.

Are Bon-Ton employees eligible for participation?
Bon-Ton employees and their immediate families are prohibited from participating in the Close to Home Online Local Sourcing Fair.

Where do I go to learn more about Bon-Ton?
Please visit our Bon-Ton corporate site here.