• Bon-Ton
  • Bergner's
  • Boston Store
  • Carson's
  • Elder-Beerman
  • Herberger's
  • Younkers

Close to Home

Business requirements

  • You’re based locally in a state where we have a store: Bon-Ton, Bergner’s, Boston Store, Carson’s, Elder-Beerman, Herberger’s and Younkers. Find a store.
  • Your products, regardless of assortment size, match one of our Close to Home product categories.
  • If selected, you’ll be required to provide proof of product liability insurance among other requirements.

What you’ll need for your application

  • Details about your story, what makes your items unique and your design inspiration.
  • Images and descriptions of up to 5 representative products.
  • Basic information about your business. (email, business address, states where you do business, general insurance information, etc.)
  • Don’t worry, you’ll be able to save your application to complete later if necessary.
  • Download our Close to Home checklist.